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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  November 22, 2009 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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from washington, the mclaughlin group, the american original. for over two decades, the sharpest mind, best can do for you. majority is right. for the first time this year, the the percentage of americans that approve of president barack obama's presidency has slipped
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to lower than high. 48%. since taking office, obama's highest majority rating was 69%. january of 2009, seven days after his inauguration. this current obama chill may have fortified ed henry of cnn to pose this audacious question to the new president this week. >> can you envision a scenario where you don't run for free election? >> if i feel like i have made the very best decision for the american people and three years from now i look at it and my poll numbers are in the tank, and you know, because we have gone through these changes, you know, politically, i'm in a ll right. >> question, is president obama saying more than he says in this response to ed henry? >> no, i don't think so. i think this is like ronald reagan saying look, if it doesn't work out, i can go back to the ranch and chop wood and
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i'll be perfectly happy. he's saying something like that. he's in serious trouble for this reason. the economic policies do not appear to be working with unemployment at 10.2%, and now people are talking about a second dip to the recession. we're over every single foreign policy, none of them are born fruit. he was insulted pretty much in china. you take a look at afghanistan, he doesn't know what to decide there. his heart is not in that war, he's not a war leader in that sense. the iran thing is coming a cropper. the israeli thing was a failure. and he pitched that to him. across the board, he's producing nothing, john. all he's got at best are incompletes. and this is the reason quite frankly his polls have him down at 48%. and the american people are not antiobama, all the hopes and expectations, none of them have been realized. >> i'm looking for a meta message. something below the surface, something embedded in his answer. can you respond to that? is he talking, for example, to
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the party saying unless you give me a health care bill, i'm not going to be around in 2012? >> that's certainly the message to democrats on capitol hill if they come empty handed after a year of negotiations, that would be a suicidal walk for the democratic party. maybe that's the message. but look, i think that this president, the expectations for him were wildly unrealistic. all of the issues that you just picked off from israel hawaii to afghanistan to an economy in a deep hole, it's unrealistic to think that he would solve them all within a year. he's got a lot of balls in the air that he has not yet delivered on many of his promises. ronald reagan was at 48% at the end of his first year dipping out. i also think up from the 60s. he went onto get reelected with 49 states. but the anger is spilling over. i think the secretary of treasurer's appearance on
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capitol hill last week where he was hammered by democrats and republicans, i think people are beginning to look for an escape vote. and the economy is the number one issue in what we have is a trickle down recovery when we need a bottom-up recovery. i think that's really the core of the anger. >> do you think that he really wants one term and that's it? and if so, what historical president would he have? where a president, before he became president saying i'm running for one term and one term answer. if you don't answer that, buchanan will, am i right? >> yes, he's right, polk. james k. poke said i only want one term. do you think that they said that? >> of course he gave us the entire southwest, california, and the oregon territory. he did okay in one term. >> he said your time may come. >> you're saying that obama is james polk? i don't think he wants that. i think every american president once they get in that office, they want a second term and they will move heaven and earth to
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try to win a second term. all of this is true. his poll numbers are coming down for one main reason. it's the economy, stupid. we've got the 10.2% unemployment. when you factor in all the people who have stopped looking for jobs because they are discouraged, people who's unemployment benefits have run out, and the underemployee, those working part-time rather than full-time work, it's closing in on 18%. they see a president who is often leading to health care. listen, they are tired of high all of these policies that obama is putting in place. when he is not focused on getting job creation going in this country. that's why his poll numbers are crashing. >> a lot of turkeys out there, turning out to be a turkey. where else is there a turkey? >> the economy is a turkey. >> yeah, but in a broader sense, i think he is sort of shifted the country in the role of the government in our economy and our society beyond where the country really is. if it had worked, it'd be one thing. it has not worked.
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his programs, the stimulus programmed turned out to be much less than it should be, no matter how they filled it. they would never get above 8%. we're at 10.2%. but beyond that as monica was saying, it's really closer to 18 to 20% in real terms. one out of every five families has a family member unemployed. the mood is really bad. that's going to be the dominant thing. they want the jobs, jobs, jobs. he's trying to boil the ocean, trying to do too much and he lost it. >> let's cheer it up here. to palin. palin on the economy. >> i think our economy is not being put on the right track because we're straying too far from fundamentally from free ent built our country. >> question, will governor palin's critique rez egg nate that? >> yes, absolutely. when you look at the poll results from virginia, new jersey, pennsylvania of two weeks ago, you see that independence are now breaking for the republicans two to one. independence that gave barack obama the benefit of the doubt,
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independence who voted for him now saying exactly as they said, that all of this big spending, big government, high tax, antigross policies are having an adverse affect. these people are out of work. and look, they don't care that he was in china last week. they don't necessarily care all that much that the iranians are closer to having a nuclear weapon, although all of that stuff factors in and picturing obama as a weak leader. >> they might be breaking for republicans, but they are not breaking for sarah palin. and if this is a lead-in to discuss the palin phenomenon this week when she's out there selling her book, i think she is to be taken seriously because she has created a political brand and she can raise money. that's the definition of modern politics. but where she takes that, i'd keep an eye on what republicans want her to campaign with them. she was not in new jersey or virginia. people have to count votes, do not view her as particularly useful. >> hold on, let's hear a little
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governor palin on afghanistan. >> it frustrates me and frightens me and many americans that president obama moving around with the decision in afghanistan. >> is president obama beginning to look indecisive? i'll ask you. >> john, our former colleague, who is very much a hawk on iraq and afghanistan has said, look, it's time really to pull our troops out for this reason. barack obama quite clearly, his heart is not in this war, he has been at it three months, agonizing whether or not we should send more troops and how many troops. that's not the way a leader goes to war. you don't send young 19-year-olds to their deaths with that kind of leadership in a war. in that case, it might be better to pull out and pick somewhere else because we're going to get visited by those folks again. >> do you think he should be more like them and how we got into iraq, right? >> i don't think we should have gone into iraq. >> why? >> what i'm saying blankly is that this is a guy who is as solid as a hawk as you want him
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saying it's not working over there, their hearts are not in it. if that is the case, get out. >> does he have cold feet? >> i think there are a lot of people very nervous about going into afghanistan frankly including me. pat has a very fair point. if the chief executive officer in this country doesn't have his heart into it, we have a very different problem to deal with. and the fact what has happened in the way that he has came out in favor of it. his strategic review in march 27, he said we have to go into afghanistan in a big way. >> but he also said -- >> wait a minute. he also said it was a war necessity in august, okay? here we are now, a couple months later, and he's looking at it again saying, you know, when worried about the government, anybody who thought that the government was anything but what it is. >> okay, governor palin, how do you rate obama on a scale of to ten? be brief. >> well a four. [ laughter ] >> thank you for that.
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>> question, how close to governor palin's rating, i'll ask you pat? >> i think obama's personal rating, i think it is at a 7 or 8. he's a very likable guy. i don't detect or accept on any animosity towards him. in performance, people are asking what's the matter with him? he doesn't seem like he's a strong leader. >> can we get another view here? first of all, there's likely to be health care reform, that he can celebrate in his state of the union address next year. he's going to make a decision on afghanistan before the end of the month. he will explain it whether it is coming out. >> how do you know that? >> because that is what the white house aids have been telegraphing. he has to make a decision on that. there will be a job bill, legislatively in the congress early next year. it is way too early. >> he gets a four.
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>> i didn't write him off. he gets a four. >> we'll negotiate later in the year. >> his rating is 48%. that's 4 out of 10. palin is right on the money. >> he's down a lot, he has lost a huge area down there. if you break it out by aggravating that, he gets 67% of the hispanic vote, 93% of the aftercan american -- african american vote, and the white vote is 41% and 49% disapproval rating. that's the politics for you. >> question, governor palin's new book is out. is there a new book tour, the beginning of the political comeback? yes or no? >> she has already come back, john. she's just about to come back in the year. is she going to run for president? if i have to bet now, i would say no. >> i don't know whether or not she'll run for national office. i suspect she doesn't know. but she's making a lot of money and she's enjoying this time of life. and let's see where it goes.
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[ laughter ] >> you remember what obama said about it in the interview. >> sarah palin's father is talking about me? >> no, talking about his daughter. the mother and father. >> okay. >> i'm sure he's very proud. >> she's not retreating, she's reloaded. >> she wants to >> john, i said she's not retreating, she's reloading. >> right. sarah palin is dynamite, she's well on her way to rehabilitating her image. she can do whatever she wants in the future. here's the difference between sarah palin and barack obama. sarah palin was governor of the state. she had executive experience. barack obama was the legislator. he had no executive experience. and certainly, that's certainly showing now and being reflected in his poll numbers. he loves to talk us to death. job summits, summits on afghanistan. where has he been for the last year? >> i've got a question, how is the genuine deep felt odium that some people, many people hold
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this lady in. now, what is -- can that ever change? >> well look, i think the fact is -- >> can they defeat her? >> it all depends what they are trying to do. and that will not be a problem. if she tries to run for the presidency, i think that there are a huge amount of people in the country who think she is not qualified to be president and i agree with you. >> question for you. do you think the more you see of sarah palin, the less you like her? do you think that people are that way? the ones that dislike her now, the more they dislike her later? >> i think people have made up their minds. they are a lover or they don't like her. and i think she has as much struggle with the republican establishment. i think they see her as trouble or that. >> there is a third possibility that they really don't know. they are just trying to evaluate her. isn't there a lot of bad out there? >> if she is prepared to be
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president to be commander in chief, it's overwhelmingly, the answer is no. >> that is too early to tell. when we come back, 9/11 al- qaeda mastermind back in new york. when planning for retirement these days, the forecast is full of ifs. if i'm too exposed to downturns. if i'll go through my savings too fast. to help you feel more confident consider putting a portion of your savings in a metlife variable annuity. when the market goes up, it gives your assets a potential to grow. while protecting you if the market goes down with a steady stream of income. let america's number one annuity provider help you stay on course with guarantees for the if in life. get answers about annuities at
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issue two. terrorist trial in new york. >> i'm not scared of what khalid sheikh mohammed has to say at trial. and no one else needs to be afraid either. >> khalid sheikh mohammed was the mastermind behind the horrendous 9/11 twin towers crime. mohammed will be put on trial in a civilian court in new york city, not a military court. u.s. attorney general eric holder has so decided. republicans disagree with general holder. they say that putting
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khalid sheikh mohammed on trial before a civilian court in new york city is very dangerous. they also think it defies logic. >> how could you be more likely to get a conviction in federal court when khalid sheikh mohammed is already asked to plead guilty before military commission and be executed? >> general holder says a decision is his to make. >> the determination that i make on where we think we can best try these cases does not depend on the whims or desires of khalid sheikh mohammed. >> he will not select the prosecution venue, i will select it and i have. >> question, the nazi trials took place before the military tribunal. why isn't that historic president being maintained with our terrorist? al qaeda terrorists, mainly that? >> john, this is a horrible mistake by holder.
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if you try him in a civil court in the united states in a criminal trial, the very first question is, were his miranda rights vie lated if -- violated? they threatened to kill his family and water boarded him 87 times. you can get john mccain to say one question, do you consider water boarding torture, yes. was my client water boarded 187 times was he tortured? yes. khalid sheikh mohammed tortured said john mccain. risking this having thrown out of the court? i don't know, would you throw it out of the court? this is a war crime he committed, not a crime in the united states against individual flat americans. >> why is obama letting it go by? >> i don't think they thought this through. this is an attorney general that is familiar with courtroom procedures. and he is examing this. suggesting that there is evidence that has not been presented. actually, they admitted his guilt before he was water boarded.
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and why should we be afraid to put the american trial system the stpwhorld it speaks -- the world? it speaks well at us. they look at military trials as kangaroo courts. this is an opportunity to score propaganda points for the american judicial system. and to give this guy the dignity of calling him a warrior through a cause, he's basically a common murderer and he should be treated like that. >> no, these were acts of war. this is the single most irresponsible decision and it is probably made by any commander in chief in wartime. we have used military tribunal since georgia washington, the supreme court has upheld their constitutionty. secondly, eric holder said something striking in his testimony. all of this that we hear from them that we're going to have a shining example of the american judicial system for the rest of the world to see. holder said if he is acquitted or if a liberal federal judge
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overturns a conviction, we are not going to allow this guy to go free. in other words, he is not going to be released and he's going to be detained in any of that. >> okay. >> and let me in here. can new york our institutions are strong. our infrastructure is sturdy. our resolve is firm. our people >> one out of four people in the world approximately are muslim. if you depick that population and you take that much of 1%, you've got 15,000 muslims. one of those muslims, several of those muslims could be crazy like the crazies that we have seen. what about the danger of inviting that by staging this in new york? >> well i mean that's one of their negatives of this whole thing that is going to turn new york once again into ground zero in terms of terrorist attacks. i'm not saying that new york can't handle it. we have the most extraordinary
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police force and they might be able to handle it. but why put new york through this again is my question? i just don't understand the rational behind it. and i do not see it. >> do you see this as a stimulant for some kind of a horrible action by a percentage of muslims in the world who are crazy? >> no. i agree. i think that's one of the risks that are involved with this thing. and particularly when you stage it all in new york -- i'm not trying to justify it. new york is the media capitol of the world. this is a huge promotional story and he's going to get up there and his lawyers are going to get up there. >> i want to get this question out. you can fill it in. would you be preparing extra security precautions? the answer is question. if you were the mayor, would you try to prevent this from happening instead of welcoming it as he is? >> no, he is welcoming that. i'll tell you this, the jury poll has been contaminated by
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all the publicity in the world on 9/11. i want to move it out of lower manhattan. if you don't move it, they've got a cause of appeal. >> are you saying holder made the right decision in staging this in new york? >> he made the right decision. i don't understand why republicans in particular are so worried about terrorists. they want to send people off to die to fight for our country but they don't want them tried in the federal court where new york city has successfully done this in the past. >> he's trying to say that this is not a political issue and against the president. >> this is an idea logical decision made by president barack obama and his attorney general. number one, and number two, the whole argument from the left has been eight years at began tan moe -- guantanamo bay is a recruiting tool. at this point, this propaganda platform that khalid sheikh mohammed will be the ultimate recruiting tool. >> i think that's one of the dangers that will cost the minimum of $75 million for what? for this guy? we should have found some other
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ways to deal with it. there are too many risks. who knows if you could get out there by the way in new york. >> the answer is, there is one one person. his peers. >> the judge writes the rule. it could be a propaganda trial for american values around the world where they are trying to change that. but we don't hold people in a brig forever. >> my view is that holder will be right back with the prediction. sources, hardest talk. the mclaughlin group is brought to you by mississippi development authority.
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